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What we do:

Acquiring new clientele and creating lasting relationships with your customers is the key to growing a profitable business. At Corinium Access, we understand the role experiential events play in establishing an authentic bond to retain existing relationships and build new ones. We don’t just understand events. We live them.

We consistently work with Fortune 1000s technology companies to accelerate their marketing programs. Collectively, we have worked on 1000s of market leading events; from building our own, to helping technology and consultancy firms build theirs; from large scale events, to small, intimate dinners, in all corners of the world.

Private Events 

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We engage your marketing team to create private events that attract key accounts. We create the event program, lead the strategy and take full ownership of the multi-touch marketing campaign.

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Audience Acquisition 

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Through our highly engaged network of senior technology executives, we can accelerate and assist your event marketing campaigns with hyper-personalized audience acquisition programs.
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Custom Roundtables

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We accelerate marketing programs by designing private, intimate roundtables. Our custom roundtables are specifically designed to help you build new relationships with specific accounts. 

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Our Method

We believe in creating remarkable experiences that help drive conversations and give you access to the people that matter. We do this by creating holistic, end-to-end, multi-touch campaigns, that delight and deliver. Through event invites, eDMs, re-targeting, social, PPC and telemarketing we cut through the noise to accelerate your message to market.

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Customer Success Stories

Financial Services Private Breakfast
New York

PwC Customer Success Story
CDO Strategy Summits
San Francisco & Boston

IBM Customer Success Story
Financial Services Private Breakfast
Oracle Customer Success Story

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SAS Custom Roundtable
Melbourne & Sydney

SAS Customer Success Story
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IBM IoT CDO Roundtable 

IBM Customer Success Story
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Yellowfin Custom Roundtable
Melbourne & Sydney

Yellowfin Customer Success Story

Client Testimonials

  • “Thanks so much for organising the roundtable so well. We were very pleased with the audience and would like to run another for Sydney next year in addition.”

    Marketing Director, Pivotal

  • “On top of working with an incredibly professional team at Corinium, we are seeing great results. We have closed one of the largest deals in the company’s history in just over 6 months"

    Marketing Director, Yellowfin

  • "Corinium are by far the most professional industry event planners I have worked with. We have worked with them on two CDAO forums and they have provided the best value for our sponsorship. I am always impressed with their ability to attract the relevant target audience and also get drawcard speakers for their events."

    Account Based Marketing Program Manager, SAS

  • “These events are really good for us to be socialising with people who are actually in the trenches, who are facing the challenges day-to-day and who are looking for ideas, ways to leapfrog their competition and who are looking for new, cutting-edge ways to do this”

    Director of Field Engineering, Pivotal Software

Our Clients

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More than 70 projects completed

Over 2000 attendees welcomed

30 happy clients and counting


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